Bringing flamenco to your place

A private flamenco performance is a wonderful way for you to get a taste of authentic Spanish culture wherever you are in Mallorca, the Balearics and Spain.
If you’re elsewhere in the world – on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean, for example – that’s also no problem if you cover our travel.
We’ve performed at all kinds of celebrations and special occasions, from intimate surprise birthday parties to large-scale events and made them uniquely memorable.
If you wish, we can also organise a complete experience to immerse you and your guests in real Spanish culture, including delicious authentic cuisine and fine wines.
You can:
• Invite a dancer to perform solo
• Select just one or two classic songs
• Experience our full multimedia performance.

Even shouting ‘Ole!’ with conviction takes bravery.

“Make any occasion special with a truly authentic, colourful and moving flamenco performance by amazing performers.”.

  • Individually created
  • Unforgettably different
  • Authentically absorbing
  • Memorably special
  • Outstanding quality