Flamenco for leaders and teams

Flamenco is an excellent way to express and channel emotion. It offers a completely different opportunity to get in touch with the body and improve poise and balance.
Dancing flamenco solo takes courage and the willingness to step into the spotlight – essential qualities for leaders to develop.
For teams, practicing flamenco encourages trust and awareness of physical capabilities and boundaries in a safe, controlled but open environment.
Our flamenco workshops are an unusual, exciting and powerful way for you to stimulate and challenge your teams while they have fun.

Even shouting ‘Ole!’ with conviction takes bravery

Discover with us:


We offer an illuminating introduction to the history and meaning of flamenco.


We invite you to discover the foundations of flamenco.


We demonstrate how practicing flamenco liberates courage.

“The colourful, exciting and surprisingly effective way to liberate hidden leadership qualities and bring teams closer together.”

  • Developing leaders
  • Team building
  • Liberating potential
  • Physically rewarding
  • Enormous fun
We’ll come to you with one or two of our professional flamenco performers and teachers, depending on the number of your people in the workshop. All you need is a space large enough to enable your teams to dance and probably get loud.
If you’re in Mallorca, you’re welcome to take a workshop at Teatro Sans, the beautiful history theatre in Palma’s atmospheric Old Town where Palma Flamenco performs.

Palma Flamenco