Inviting flamenco into your life

If you’ve fallen in love with flamenco and want to learn more, our classes and workshops for individuals or groups of any age are for you.
Taking part in flamenco classes or workshops is also a great way to improve your Spanish.
 Our male and female flamenco dancers – bailaores and bailaoras– live and breathe flamenco. They’re expert teachers as well as amazing performers. 

Discover with us:


We will introduce you to the rich history and tradition of flamenco.


We will share our knowledge of the foundations of flamenco.


We will guide you as deeper into the art of flamenco as you’d like to travel.

“A colorful, exciting and surprisingly effective way to release hidden leadership qualities and bring a team closer”

If you’re in Mallorca,

  you’re welcome to take a class or workshop at Teatro Sans, the beautiful history theatre in Palma’s atmospheric Old Town where Palma Flamenco performs.

“Our classes and workshops are a great way into flamenco for individuals or small groups of all ages and abilities.”

• Experiencing flamenco
• Gently challenging
• Learning together
• Meeting people
• Improving Spanish